New Bleachers Beautify Menaul School’s Gym


Menaul School’s gym is sporting a new look—bleachers that were newly upgraded thanks to a generous donation from George Cook. George Cook is no stranger to philanthropy at Menaul School. He provided funding for Menaul School’s basketball court, Cook’s Court, and helped pay for scoreboards. He also has two children, Nick and Cassandra, who are Menaul School alumni.

Athletic Director, Gary Boatman responded with gratitude, “The new bleachers make a professional impression. Now there is a “wow factor” when you walk into the gym. It looks brand new, and it makes students take pride in their school. The gift is a great boost in morale overall.”

Lindsey Gilbert, Head of School, commented on the both the beauty and function of the bleachers. “George Cook’s generous donation not only makes our gym more aesthetically attractive, but it is safer as well. Smaller steps, handrails and space for wheelchairs improved our gym’s functionality. Menaul School cannot thank Mr. Cook and his family enough for their long-term commitment to our school and its facilities.”

So if you, by chance, make it to any of our games, make sure to wave at George Cook, sitting on one of his assigned, newly upgraded and beautifully functional bleacher seats.