The 2018 Harper C. Donaldson Outstanding Alumni Award will be presented at Menaul School Honors Night, Wednesday, May 16th at 6:00 p.m. and recognized at Graduation. All alumni are encouraged to submit a nomination for an alumnus or alumna whose life exemplifies the values of Menaul School. Submissions must be received electronically or postmarked by April 25th to be considered for the 2018 award.


During Mr. Donaldson’s 37-year tenure at Menaul School, many young men and women were beneficiaries of an academic, spiritual, and sportsmanship education that led many alumni to illustrious careers in Law, Medicine, the Arts, Science, Government, the Ministry, and entrepreneurship. Students respected his straight-forward manner, his optimism about the future of Menaul and his deep concern for the success of each student. Mr. Harper C. Donaldson exemplified humility in leadership and in the striving for an education for life. The financial status of student applicants, their race, and their religion was never a question as long as a student made a sincere effort to learn in a Christian environment. Mr. Donaldson embodied the Menaul School spirit – ¡Sea la Luz! – making it possible for the light of knowledge, respect for the dignity of all God’s people, and an awareness of one’s responsibility to serve others, and to touch the lives of all who knew him.

The Harper C. Donaldson Outstanding Alumni Award was established in 1999 to honor his memory. Each year, the award is presented to an alumnus or alumna of outstanding achievement and commitment to the values and support of Menaul School.

Selection of Harper C. Donaldson Award
(Revised Fall 2008 – Implemented Fall 2009)

Selection Committee will review all nominations received and make a final decision from those nominations.

The Selection Committee will be composed of:

  1. The current President of the National Menaul Allison James International
  2. Alumni Association
    b.    The Director of Institutional Advancement or designee in that office
    c.    The Menaul School Chaplain
    d.    The three latest recipients of the award. The newest recipient of the award replacing the oldest recipient of the award in an annual rotation.

The selection committee respectfully requests that nominations be typed or neatly printed. Please address all areas of the nomination as completely as possible so that the committee is able to make an informed selection. Each submission should be no more than two pages and include the following:

  • Nominator Information:
    • Name and Class Year
    • Address, Phone & E-mail (E-mail optional)
  • Describe how the nominee exemplifies loyalty and service to Menaul School.How does the nominee demonstrate the values and ideals of Menaul School in his or her life?
    • What contributions has the nominee made to his or her community?
    • How has the nominee served others?
    • Outstanding Alumni Award Criteria:
      • Menaul School graduate
      • Loyalty and service to the school
      • Dedication to the school’s values and ideals
      • Exemplary contribution to the community
      • Service to the needs of others

Please submit nominations to:

E-mail submissions, using the same format described above, are also welcome and should be addressed to

Or mail nominations to:

Institutional Advancement Office
Menaul School
301 Menaul Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107

ALL nominations must be received electronically or postmarked by April 15th!


1999 Conrado Gutierrez `37

2000 Manuel Toledo `35, and Nacor Manzanares `38

2001 Pablo Chavez `46

2002 Jose Vasquez `35

2003 Ernestine Garcia Arndt `46

2004 Elias Valdez `39

2005 Alfonso L. Romero `42

2006 Paul H. Báez `44

2007 Dorothy Montoya Romero `55

2008 Ambrosio Ortega `46

2009 Ted Trujillo `40

2010 Michael Ning `59

2011 Martha Talcott `50

2012 Carlos Candelaria `44

2013 Robert Perea `84

2014 Robert “Coy” Gutierrez `61

2015 Concha Duran Brown ‘59

2016 Armando Sandoval ‘56

2017 Joe I. Candelaria ‘50