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International Admission

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Aileen El-Kadi was raised and educated in Brazil and later in Argentina by a German mother and an Egyptian father. She received a Bachelor’s degree from Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, has a business administration background, a specialization in Iberian Medieval Studies from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Centro de Investigaciones Científicas de Madrid, and holds a PhD in Peninsular and Latin American Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She worked for six years at the University of Texas at El Paso directing the Brazilian Studies Program.

Traveling around the world, working in international cultural organizations, and interacting with very diverse social groups – from indigenous Mapuches in southern Argentina, to African children, and to Mexican migrants – she realized how fundamental cultural and ethnic diversity is in order to better understand and respect other communities.

For her, Menaul School represents not only a place where scholarship coexists with a joyful community of students, faculty and staff, but also represents a leading school in promoting diversity among students. Menaul School is unique in the region, and she is delighted to be part of it. Aileen is also a road cyclist, and she enjoys climbing and racing with her team.


B.A., Business Administration, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
Ph.D., Peninsular and Latin American Literature, University of Colorado at Boulder

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