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Ariel-BacaAriel joined Menaul School in 2014 as a Middle and Upper School English teacher. Ariel was born and raised in Albuquerque and graduated from Menaul School in 2009. During her time at Menaul, Ariel recognized the unique blessings Menaul granted her, including opportunities to pursue intellectual interests and to grow in her faith. She always hoped she would be able to be a part of the Menaul family once again.

Since high school, it has been Ariel’s dream to teach English, due to her passion for literature, writing, and teaching. Ariel particularly enjoys writing poetry, essays, and blogs discussing her Catholic faith. She also loves literature, particularly dystopian novels or books about the Holocaust. Ariel has a young daughter, Sophia, who frequently visits Menaul to watch her aunts play sports and perform in school activities.

Ariel could not be more excited to be re-joining such a wonderful school and feels blessed to be surrounded by the warmth and intellect of the students, faculty, and staff at Menaul. She hopes to pay forward the blessings she received from Menaul and that her work may glorify God.

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B.A. in Secondary Education with an endorsement in Language Arts

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