Kyle Bridgewater

Science Teacher & Assistant Varsity Track Coach


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Kyle-BridgewaterKyle is from Reno, Nevada where he received his Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry from the university of Nevada-Reno. He and his wife moved to Portland, Oregon where she completed medical school, and he worked in the global agriculture industry. They moved to Albuquerque for her residency, and he took the opportunity to follow his dream to become a teacher. He is looking forward to being a role model for the next generation of young scientists and engineers. He wants to provide a positive foundation that his students can take with them as they strive to achieve their own personal goals.

He enjoys developing lessons and labs that utilize creativity; he is friendly, socially extroverted, and an influential motivator. He is obsessively curious and enjoys learning myriad different subjects. He values honesty and empathy, as they are the foundation for which people can respect and empower each other. In his free time, he exercises, goes camping/backpacking, or spends time reading and listening to music. One place that he would like to go to that he has not been is Denali National Park in Alaska.

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