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International Programs Development 

Menaul School has always been characterized by its emphasis on educating children from diverse cultural, linguistic, and religious backgrounds.  In the first several decades, these children mostly came from rural areas of New Mexico and Colorado.  In recent years, Menaul has adapted its recruitment strategy to follow the trends of globalization in the 21st century. Menaul Albuquerque  A major move in this direction was a re-opening of the boarding program in 2010 to accommodate a large number of international students who had ambitions of attending a university in the United States.  In that same year, Menaul began to develop partnerships with Chinese schools with an aim to provide opportunities for students residing in China to attain a western based education and earn an American high school diploma.  In September of 2013, after several years of thoughtful and strategic planning, the first Dual Diploma program was birthed in a prestigious high school in Taiyuan, China.  As this new program gained traction, several more Chinese investors and educators in cities across the country took interest.  After several negotiations and careful planning, another was opened in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, China with an expected starting enrollment of 65 students. The international committee is also in the planning process of developing American Diploma programs with several more schools in China and other countries.

American Diploma Programs in OperationChina Map

Menaul School- Taiyuan

Starting Date:  September 2013

 Menaul School – Qingdao

Starting Date: August 2017


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Other Program Options

Menaul School recognizes that there are several levels of partnerships that can be programs, utilized to achieve similar educational goals.  While some schools are interested in full scale high school programs,others are looking for student exchange or collaborative projects for their students.  One such program that we have experienced tremendous success with is our 3 week intense, English and cultural immersion program called S.E.E.D.

S.E.E.D. (Summer Experiential English Development)

S.E.E.D. is a 3 week, highly interactive English language and American culture immersion program for International students who have a strong desire to be challenged intellectually and personally.  Program participants are fully engaged in the English language from morning to evening, as they work with their American language partners. Learning experiences range from the classroom to teambuilding activities to outdoor adventures to interacting and observing life in an American  home!  This program aims to reflect the mission of Menaul School- helping students succeed in body, mind, and spirit. For more information, check out our website.

International Menaul School-COLLAGE

Experience and Expertise:

An effective and successful program is heavily dependent on the experience and expertise of the staff that develop and manage it.  Menaul School is fortunate to have several highly qualified educators who have both knowledge and experience of the challenges and benefits of an international education.

Lindsey RG2Lindsey Gilbert who serves as the current President and Head of Menaul School, has more than 30 years of experience as an educator and head administrator in private, boarding, and international schools.  Lindsey has an extensive background in pioneering educational initiatives, such as being the founding high school principal at the Academic Los Pinares in Tegucigalpa Honduras (a top International School in Central America) and playing an integral role in the development of the Dual Diploma program at Menaul School.  He holds a M.Ed. in Educational Administration from the University of Utah.

Winn Bio Pic Jonathan Winn serves Menaul School as the International Programs Coordinator.  Jonathan has spent most of his 15 years as a teacher and mid-level administrator developing curriculum in international schools around the world, and working with students who are studying English as a second or third language.  He is the head of the ESL program at Menaul and also provides curricular support and teacher training for the Dual Diploma schools in China.  He holds a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Dr. Zhou Dr. Feng Zhou has served as the International Program Advisor at Menaul since 2011.  With an extensive education and scientific background in both the United States and China, Dr. Zhou has been a catalyst in the recruitment of international students and the development of Menaul’s partnerships with Chinese schools.  He is devoted to promoting the exchange of culture and technology between the U.S., China, and beyond.  He holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Genetics from the University of Texas and has a wealth of experience as an instructor, research scientist and entrepreneur.

Need More Information?

If you or your school is interested in forming an international partnership with Menaul School, please contact Jonathan Winn at  We would be happy to answer questions and provide sample documents of curriculum maps, business contracts, professional development seminars, and more.