ESL Program

Menaul School offers several programs for international students:

ESL English
ESL Social Studies
ESL Science
ESL Religion

Summer Experiential English Development (SEED) is a highly interactive, English language and American culture immersion program for International students who have a strong desire to be challenged intellectually and personally. Program participants will be fully engaged in the English language from morning to evening, from classroom learning to teambuilding activities to outdoor adventures to interacting and observing life in an American home! This program aims to reflect the mission of Menaul School—helping students succeed in body, mind, and spirit.

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Menaul School English Proficiency Standards

TOEFL, TOEFL Jr. and other standardized English test scores are used to determine each student’s English proficiency. These test scores, ESL curriculum placement tests and personal interview are all factors that are used together to determine the student’s level of English proficiency. The chart below is a general guide we will use when reviewing an applicant’s test scores.

Testing Placement Guide

Intermediate ESL  720-780  45-60  5.5
Advanced ESL  780-830  60-75  6
Regular English  830+  75+  6.5

*Please Note: A students’ test score is NOT the final determining factor for promotion to the next level. The decision will be made in conjunction with classroom performance and teacher recommendations.

** Students who are transitioning into a Regular English class mid-year generally struggle much more in the adjustment compared to those who begin in the Fall. Therefore, a student entering Regular English in January should have a TOEFL Jr. score well above 800.

ESL Agreement