ESL Program

English as a Second Language Program 

At Menaul School, our English as a Second Language department operates according to an innovative program which promotes student integration and success at every level. International students at Menaul School are only admitted with a base level of English which ensures that they are able to operate in an American classroom, though not without struggles. 

ESL Support Classes 

English Language Learners at Menaul School are organized into a grade-level support class led by a dedicated instructor. This instructor will observe the students in their classrooms, understand thoroughly all learning goals and skills as presented by their teachers, and identify and rectify all areas where a lack of knowledge on the part of the student impedes their ability to integrate successfully into the mainstream American classroom. 

Professional Accent Modification 

In addition to an environment of full support through our ESL Support curriculum, Menaul School works in partnership with the University of New Mexico Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences to provide a dedicated accent modification clinic. Operating throughout the first half of the year, graduate student clinicians from UNM work with our students in groups of two or three based on shared linguistic characteristics to help Menaul students increase their comprehensibility and fluency. The goal in each aspect of the program is to incorporate all students into the general student body and to help mitigate any difficulty on the part of the student which slows their academic or social growth.