ESL Program

ESL Program

Menaul School offers several programs strategically designed to support the unique needs of international students.

ESL Support Classes

International students attending Menaul School’s rigorous academic program arrive with a wide range of English proficiency.  Aiming to remain consistent with best practices for helping English Language Learners (ELL’s) adapt to the American classroom, we offer special support classes designed to provide reinforcement and additional instruction of the content and concepts delivered in core Humanities and STEM classes.  Placement in ESL Support classes is based on the results of English proficiency testing upon arrival.

English Immersion Summer Camp

Summer Experiential English Development (SEED) is a highly interactive, English language and American culture immersion program for International students who have a strong desire to be challenged intellectually and personally. Program participants are fully engaged in the English language from morning to evening as they navigate through strategic learning experiences along with American high school students who support and encourage them.  Each student is placed with an American family to care for them throughout the program.  This program aims to reflect the mission of Menaul School—helping students succeed in body, mind, and spirit.

ESL Agreement 

学校与上其英文语课划(称 ESL)要求及条件