Upper School

A demanding and caring educational institution set in a regional, national and global context, Menaul’s Upper School exists to help shepherd children into the adult world, recognizing that that specific charge involves the key years of middle and late adolescence.  These transformational years are filled with excitement and challenges as students gradually leave behind the more controlled and conditioned world of childhood and embrace the increasingly complex and autonomous world of adulthood.

Our curriculum (see the curriculum guide) and all of our activities are rooted in our five core values with the ultimate goal being to produce students who are:





Critical Thinkers


Upper School provides a rigorous college-preparatory, a character-based curriculum that prepares students for the global community. Upper School provides a meaningful curriculum that connects students’ lives with the larger community. Students from over 12 different countries learn and interact on a daily basis. Personalized college guidance helps each student find and select the best college and university that will meet their life goals and ambitions.


Abi K, Photo Essay

This photo essay was the culmination of a unit of study on Religion in Colonial Spanish America. While the colonial period was fraught with conflict, it was also a time of mutual exchange, fusion, and creativity. Students learned about the ways Spanish Missionaries adapted Christianity for their would-be Native American converts, the ways Native Americans both accepted and resisted Catholicism and Spanish culture, and the cultural and religious fusions that resulted from this convivencia. The photographs from these essays were taken in Santa Fe at the New Mexico History Museum, El Santuario de Guadalupe, San Miguel Chapel, and Loretto Chapel. Students’ were given significant freedom in selecting their topic, but all relate in some way to religious symbolism.