Menaul School’s dormitories offer a safe environment in which dorm parents, faculty, and residents work together to create a community that supports personal growth. We aim to teach students to live a balanced lifestyle, so they are ready to engage in their daily responsibilities. We help students gain communication, conflict resolution and academic skills, while living together in a joyful, vibrant learning community.

Menaul School is committed to developing boarding students who demonstrate self-reliance, independence, and accountability while learning to appreciate diverse perspectives in a safe environment. Our boarding students are not only scholars; they are a member of a living and learning community. Lifelong friendships are formed and the responsibility of everyday life is placed squarely on their shoulders. Students live in dorms, manage their use of their time, and are accountable for their actions. This combination of enjoyment and responsibility transforms boys and girls into young men and women prepared to handle the entirety of their university experience. Students learn to balance structured and unstructured time. They also get the priceless advantage of friendships based on time spent far beyond the classrooms and hallways of their academic experience.

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