David Wiegand


David Wiegand has over 25 years of construction experience David Wiegandin carpentry, supervision, estimating, project management, and business development. Starting his career in the early 1990’s he was employed first as a skilled laborer in the residential market with a home remodeling company. In that position he quickly made carpenter, then Crew Chief/Supervisor and aided in the upgrades of nearly 300 homes. Making his transition to the commercial industry in 2002, he acquired a position at a large general contracting firm in Albuquerque as a carpenter and then started to fill in for superintendents on leave a few years later. David worked in that position through the remainder of college and had performed on a myriad of TI’s, remodels and ground up projects in mostly private/public sector construction. He was promoted to Project Manager/Estimator in 2005 and made yet another transition out of the field and into the office environment of construction. David estimated and ran projects (as Project Manager) ranging from hospital, high-tech, institutional, educational and public works projects in that time. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Project Management, with highest honors, from ITT Tech in 2006.

David continued his employment at that institution for another year and then gained employment at a development corporation as a Project manager/Superintendent in 2007. Having an in-house architect was a new experience but he adapted and was made Senior Project Manager/General Superintendent a year later. He ran $12,000,000 worth of our own development projects and private sector work that 2nd year with only 4 other staff members in the office. In 2009 David was offered a senior position at the company’s headquarters in Idaho as the market was becoming difficult in New Mexico at the time. He chose to stay in Albuquerque and JB Henderson Construction found interest in his skills. During his 5+ years there as Senior Architectural Estimator, he also supported Operations when needed. David aided in initiating the companies’ business development team and worked directly with the CEO and President of the company in that role. His workload became mainly government based with the majority of contracts being with Sandia National Labs, Los Alamos Labs, KAFB, and the GSA. He devoted, and still devotes much time volunteering in organizations such as The Albuquerque Economic Development as an Ambassador, to the Associated General Contractors of America as 2013 Construction Leadership Council Chair, Habitat for Humanity, The Project Management Institute, and Board of Advisors member at ITT-Tech.

David has aided in the development of curriculum at ACE Leadership High school (an Architecture/Construction/Engineering Charter HS), the UNM student chapter, and ITT Tech giving him much satisfaction in being a positive influence to young people starting, or wanting to maybe start, in the construction industry.

David is a member of both the Navajo and Hopi American Indian tribes and was born in the US, moved overseas to Saudi Arabia when he was still very young and saw much of the world before coming back to the US in 1988, but still traveled abroad well into his 20’s. He is a great fan of perspective as his travels and open-mind allowed him to see how other peoples of different race, culture and circumstance think and act. David carries this through his every day endeavors as a tool to being able to sit on the other side of the proverbial table and appreciate communication from a different view. His reenergized love for the comforts of this great nation, through perspective, propel his enthusiasm for the success his devotion to this country’s industry grants him. David loves this City and this State in the greatest country in the world he is proud to call home and look forward to the progress he can contribute towards with his experiences and education.


Member, Property Committee