International Students

Menaul School has a long and rich history of welcoming international students to study. Currently approximately 20% of our student body is made up of international students from all around the globe. Students from China, Vietnam, Democratic Republic of Congo, Finland, Argentina, Honduras, Spain, Germany, Nigeria, Morocco, Jordan, Norway, South Korea, Rwanda, Russia, Turkey, and more countries, attend or have attended Menaul School in recent years.

Academic Program
School Year
SEVP Certified for F1 Visas
ESL Curriculum
Living Arrangements
January Start
College Prep
Mid-August to End of May
Boarding (Boarding Life) or Host Family (pre-arranged)

As a college preparatory school, international students attend classes with local students who share their same academic goals for attending college. Our challenging academic curriculum includes not only advanced science, math, and humanities courses but also has a broad and rich spectrum of visual and performing arts classes. Visit the college guidance page more information and the list of colleges Menaul graduates have attended.

Admission to Menaul School is competitive. Students admitted must demonstrate an ability to succeed in a college preparatory environment and demonstrate a willingness to contribute to our community.

Required Application Materials

•    Complete the Online Application

•   Teacher Recommendation Form

Official transcripts for the current year plus 2 previous years
English and math teacher recommendations form

English Proficiency Assessment

TOEFL, Jr., TOEFL iBT, or IELTS score
Skype interview

Documentation for VISA

Copy of passport
Proof of financial resources

Menaul School is SEVP certified to issue F-1 visas to international students. Once an international student has been accepted, a letter of acceptance and enrollment contract will be sent. When the contract is signed and returned with the $2000 deposit, an I-20 will be issued and an appointment with the US Consulate can be scheduled. Visa Information


Total Tuition and Fees Boarding Student Day Student with Host Family
$38,355 $21,450* Does not include host family stipend

Menaul School welcomes agents to facilitate the application logistics for placing international students. Our primary goal is to ensure that students are well-matched to the school. Menaul School values good working relationships with our agents. Please contact: email for more information.

Menaul School offers several programs for international students:

Beginning ESL English Intermediate ESL English Advanced ESL English
ESL Social Studies
ESL Science
Public Speaking
Writing Composition
ESL Social Studies
ESL Science
Public Speaking
Writing Composition
ESL Religion
Writing Composition
ESL Religion

Summer Experiential English Development (SEED) is a highly interactive, English language and American culture immersion program for International students who have a strong desire to be challenged intellectually and personally. Program participants will be fully engaged in the English language from morning to evening, from classroom learning to team-building activities to outdoor adventures to interacting and observing life in an American home! This program aims to reflect the mission of Menaul School—helping students succeed in body, mind, and spirit. For further information regarding SEED click here.

UNM Scholarships for graduating International students:

  • Lottery Scholarship: If an international students graduates from Menaul School, could receive this scholarship, which cover 60% of tuition in any College in New Mexico.
  • International Amigo scholarship: for F-1 and J-1 students (value of more than $14,000 per year).
  • 10 in-State scholarship: Provides between $6,000 and $18,337 per year.
  • Global Leadership: a scholarship opportunity only for international students who have demonstrated leadership in their schools or communities (value between $3,000- $7,000)
  • Global Creative: only for creative-minded international students who intend to study in a Creative Arts program (value between $3,000- $7,000)
  • Global Management:  between $3,000- $7,000 (USD)

Menaul School is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) and the State of New Mexico