Menaul School Continuous Enrollment

As a school, we’ve decided to move to a process called Continuous Enrollment instead of the re-enrollment process that you’ve gone through in years past. Our goal is to make the re-enrollment process as simple and easy as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

January 11, 2017

The following questions are frequently asked about the Continuous Enrollment Process.

What is Continuous Enrollment?

Students are continually enrolled from their initial enrollment at Menaul School through graduation. This frees you from having to fill out a new contract every year. The Continuous Enrollment system allows us to maximize our resources and to save families time and effort.

How does Flex Tuition work with Continuous Enrollment?

Domestic Families: the deadline is the same for submitting the Flex Tuition application and supporting documentation (February 22nd). Until your aid has been processed, you will continue to see the full tuition amount reflected on your statement. When the aid is processed, you will see an adjustment to your statement, showing the aid amount provided by Menaul School. If concerned about possible changes in tuition from year to year, please contact Amy Boldt: or 341-7223.

International families requesting scholarship funds: follow the guidelines provided to you by the International Admission Director for required financial documents.

How do I select a payment plan?

Domestic families: your payment plan will remain the same as last year, unless you notify the Business Office otherwise. In fact, all of your selections from last year will remain the same, unless the Business Office is notified directly of your changes (including Tuition Insurance).

What if my contact information has changed?

Please notify the Business Office in writing of the changes by February 15th.

Will there be any other paperwork that I need to fill out to enroll my student?

Yes. Typically each year you complete several enrollment (or “registration”) forms that you submit to the Registrar. A checklist with any paperwork that you need to fill out this year will be included in the information mailed to you from the Business Office on January 17th. You will notice slight changes this year and next year to the enrollment forms, as we attempt to minimize the amount of paperwork that you have to do each year.

If we decide to dis-enroll our student after February 15th, will I get a refund?

If you notify Menaul School in writing on or by June 7th (which is also the first payment date for Domestic families) you will receive a portion of your deposit back. Your deposit includes the Registration Fee; the amount of the Registration Fee will not be refunded. For other details, please refer to your Continuous Enrollment contract that will mailed to you from the Business Office January 17th for information about Tuition and Fees.