This experience for my daughter Anistacia has been amazing. She has grown so much this year academically, spiritually, and emotionally. She is always a happy child now and loves to go to school. She feels accepted and comfortable with all the teachers and staff. My hope is to keep sending my daughter to this wonderful and amazing school.

Adeline A., Middle School Parent

My son started this year as an 8th grader.  As a previous student in Washington state, the academics at the charter school he attended last year were simply not challenging enough. He is excited and engaged in his coursework at Menaul, challenged yet thriving.  He is participating in sports, the band, and truly happy as a member of the student body.  As a matter of fact, we all are.  The welcoming community at Menaul has made us feel at home in a way no other school has.

I am a VERY particular parent and looked at several schools before we applied to Menaul.  I cannot urge you strongly enough to short list Menaul School in your consideration of where to enroll your student.

My daughter (1st grade) has friends on campus and is waiting eagerly to attend as soon as she is in the 6th grade.

M.H., Middle School Parent  

I have two daughters attending Menaul School. Simply put, they are excited EVERY DAY about getting up and going to school – I can’t drop them off fast enough. Learning is now a sincere passion for them. They enjoy the classes, electives, intramural sports and volunteer activities that fills their minds, spirit, and body daily. The Menaul Family consisting of Students, Faculty & Staff, Parents, and Community Volunteers are a constant influential force in their lives and with that support, my girls know they are building what it takes to achieve their most potential. I honestly wish I could relive my school years and have the same experience my daughters are having at Menaul.

Hope M., Middle School Parent

My son [9th grade] has blossomed as a person at Menaul! He has been encouraged to be a leader, to develop his own special skills and be a unique individual. He is listened to by the adults at the school and they treat him like he and his ideas matter. He has great friends and each person is encouraged to participate and be involved as part of the culture of this school! We love Menaul and know it was the perfect choice for our child!

Christie K., Upper School Parent

We absolutely love Menaul! Our daughter has thrived since she has started here. It is a welcoming community of families and faculty that makes you feel like you are part of the family. We are so happy that we are moving our son here for the upcoming school year. No better place to send your children than Menaul School.

Vanessa L., Middle School Parent

Quite simply, I love Menaul School! What do I love? I love knowing without doubt and feeling without reservation, Menaul was the only school where my son could learn, grow and excel as an individual.   I describe my son’s experience at Menaul by telling people it feels like this school was made just for him. I have heard the same statement from many other Menaul School parents and was pleased to find out I was not the only parent that felt this way about their experience at Menaul. What a testament to the environment, atmosphere and commitment to the education of our children. My husband and I are thankful that our son is a student at Menaul School.

Pam O.,, Middle School Parent

As we went on the tour for the Open House that first day, what we recognized right away was… that “village” people are always looking for to raise your child? This is it . . .[My student] never felt confident before about trying out for team sports, but now look at him. Where did this confidence come from? He feels safe. There is a support system that you don’t even see. I know every day he is in good hands.

Monica F., Middle School parent

Our son began attending Menaul School for his 7th grade year. As public school educators we were very hesitant to send him to a private school. However, we noticed that his enthusiasm for learning was being negatively impacted due to lower learning expectations, social distractions and bullying at his 6th grade public school. We knew we needed to find a school that more closely matched our son’s educational needs. We researched and visited many schools. However, as soon as we found Menaul School, and we met with the school administration, we knew that it would be the right school for our son. We have received nothing but support from the entire school. The school administrators are always available to talk to families and help in any way possible. But best of all,  our son’s passion for learning has been reignited. To see him so excited about all his classes, and highly involved in most activities that the school offers, makes it all worth it. He had never been involved (by choice) in so many activities such as music, robotics, and sports. He has many friends and bullying is something we never have to worry about.  The Menaul School has proven to us that they have a genuine interest in helping our son become the best person he can be.  We have been overwhelmed by the support, opportunity, and personal attention we have received from the entire school. The decision to send our son to Menaul has truly been one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Middle School Parent

I asked my daughter, how did it go with her first day of school? She said that she liked it a lot, that everybody was very nice, and she felt welcomed in a very friendly manner. I asked her the same question a couple of days after and she said that she loved it, that it was so strange to feel like it was home. My daughter said that she felt safe and felt very familiar with everybody. She said, “I am having the best time of my life.” It is very important for me to see that she feels safe and that she has lots of friends. It is very important to me to see her excited about her classes and all the activities the school provides. I am very thankful for having my daughter in Menaul School; it gives me the joy of seeing my daughter shine.

M. Perez, Menaul Upper School Parent

One day I saw an amazing inspirational speaker talking to kids about drugs and all the kids were crying. When I asked my son about having [the speaker] come to Menaul to talk to the kids about drugs, he replied, ” that is just not an issue at Menaul mom, I mean, I can see it for some of the other private schools or the public schools that have that problem, but no one here really does that”. For me as a parent, a school like that is Worth it’s Weight in Gold!

Christie K., Upper School Parent

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