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Since its inception in 1896, Menaul School has been committed to making an excellent education accessible and affordable to all as equal members of an economically diverse community. Today, Menaul School embodies this belief through its Flex Tuition program where tuition is set as a percentage of a family’s income and financial resources. Flex Tuition is an optional program.

Many factors, such as number of children, investments, assets, etc., are taken into account for each family’s cost of attendance determination. Families can elect not to submit their financial information and pay the full annual cost of attendance, $16,550.

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Domestic Day Students: Flex Tuition plan (Day students only)

Cost of Attendance: as a guideline, tuition is approximately 10-15% of a family’s income up to $16,550. However, to equitably determine a family’s tuition, parents need to complete the Menaul School Flex Tuition worksheet, and provide their most recent income tax and W-2 forms.

Flex Tuition Application
The information below is applicable to new and returning families, regarding the 2017-2018 Flex Tuition application. New applicants: the Flex Tuition application is due with your completed Admission application.

Families who elect to apply for Flex Tuition, will complete the Flex Tuition worksheet available on the Menaul School website.

Email or hand deliver a copy of your most recent income tax and W-2 forms for the household.

Click here for a version that you can print and fill out by hand. A fillable PDF version is also available; please fill out all fields, or the application will be returned to you.

A note for divorced or separated parents: tax documents and W-2 forms are required for all adults who live in the household who are responsible for the student, as well as biological parents not living in the household. Check with Admission staff about required documentation.


Cost of Attendance: $34,200 includes tuition and fees, a shared dorm room, weekend activities, and meals. Students residing in New Mexico or the surrounding states are eligible to apply for the Presidential Scholarship. The Presidential Scholarship is based on financial need and merit. Each year, 2 Presidential Scholarships are available for students demonstrating financial need and who qualify based on criteria outlined on the Presidential Scholarship application. For more information, visit the Presidential Scholarship web page.

Students Submit:
Presidential Scholarship Application

Parents’ submit:

  1. Flex Tuition Worksheet 2017-2018
  2. Upload a copy of your most recent  income tax and W-2 forms.

Families can elect not to submit their financial information and will receive a contract for the full cost of attendance (including room and board).

International Day Student Tuition:  $21,280 includes International and ESL fees
International Boarding Student Tuition:  $38,200 includes International and ESL fees.

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Menaul School is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) and the State of New Mexico.