Looking for a meaningful way to spend your retirement and to share the camaraderie of a multi-cultural environment? Or are you looking to serve others regardless of your age and status? This is your opportunity! Menaul School is open to volunteers of all ages.


Volunteers who come to Menaul School are appreciated every minute of every day! Volunteers in Mission (VIMs) undertake many responsibilities and generally work a 7/8 hour day for a minimum of three months, longer if possible, in positions that strengthen the school community. Most often they do not replace paid staff, but support them with individual talents and skills. School administration understands that many volunteers who come to Menaul School are exploring a new state with a fascinating mix of cultures and history, and are open to an occasional day off to attend a pueblo feast day or other special event.

Most volunteers reside in Teacher’s Hall on campus, although you may prefer to rent an apartment or live in your RV. Hook-ups and use of toilet/shower facilities can be arranged. Teacher’s Hall, one of the original school buildings built in 1920, provides comfortable accommodations for married couples and singles. You will be assigned a private room and bath and have access to a communal living area, two kitchens for preparing meals in evenings and on weekends, and laundry facilities. There are puzzles, games and a TV/DVD for your pleasure, as well as wireless internet access.

Volunteers are encouraged to participate in extracurricular campus life, attend church services, and join in special school traditions as their energy and abilities allow.

One of the most important qualities for a volunteer is flexibility with a spirit of service and a willingness to step-up when needed. During their time on campus, volunteers serve Menaul School as necessary, placing personal agendas on hold. That being said, volunteer work at Menaul School can be one of the most significant and rewarding experiences of your lifetime!

“The Volunteers In Mission are very special people and examples of ‘being the Light’.  They are some of the best people I have known in my life. They leave their homes, their families and come to Menaul School to offer their time and their talents. They do anything that is needed, often without notice and not much thanks. They help with campus clean-up, Mission Week, the library in various offices, and anything else that is asked of them. They truly make a difference at Menaul School. The Volunteers In Mission are real role-models for all of us of lives well-lived. Thank you for being the Light.” —A Menaul School Staff Member

If you’re interested in a volunteer position at Menaul School, please complete the application below and return it via email to Nicole Soriano, fax it to 505-344-2517, or mail it to:

Nicole Soriano
Menaul School
301 Menaul Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107

Volunteer Application
Volunteer Information Booklet