Alumni Reforestation Project

LogoDear Alumni and Menaul School Friends,

As we all know, the legacy Rev. James Menaul created still thrives some 122 years later at Menaul School. Over all these years, the trees that fill the campus have added something unique and meaningful. Your donation will set the scene for the memories of generations of future Menaul School students. Trees can be purchased in memory or honor of classes, families or individuals. They will be strategically planted throughout campus so they can replace old trees and ensure that future Menaul School community members can enjoy them for years to come. Your dedication will be part of an installation outside the Collie Refectory.

Alumni roots run deep and are a great sense of pride for all of us.

“It is always good to return to my roots”

Root /ro͞ot /: noun

  1. the basic cause, source or origin
  2. family, ethnic, or cultural origins, especially as the reasons for one’s long-standing emotional connection to a place or community


  1. establish deeply and firmly

The Menaul Alumni Reforestation project will sustain the beauty of our campus. The funds generated will plant trees, support the Alumni Association, and benefit the Alumni/MCA Legacy Scholarship.

Support the Menaul Alumni Reforestation Campaign with the purchase of a tree or with a donation in any amount.

A special thank you to Baca’s Trees for their generous contribution to this campaign.

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