Learning Support

At Menaul School, the emphasis is placed on academic success, advocating for accommodations for students with diagnosed learning differences and helping students to become independent learners. The staff at Tinnin Learning Center also act as a resource to parents, faculty, and the administration, promoting a global view of student academic success and facilitating conversations as needed.

Students coming to Menaul School with an IEP or 504 plan:

As a private religious school, Menaul School does not receive funding to provide special education services, and is not required to provide the same level of service as a student would receive in a public school setting. However, like most independent schools, Menaul School is willing to provide reasonable accommodations, such as preferential seating, using adaptive features provided by the iPad, extended time for timed assessments in class, and private tutors paid for by the family.

Please submit the IEP or 504 plan before beginning the Admission process. More information can be found on the Apply page of the Menaul School website.