The best part of my morning is greeting our students. I am one of those difficult people who wakes up happy and enthusiastic (I might have received a few rolled eyes when I had my own teens at home). These days, I literally wake up with a sense of elation because I get to welcome our students to school each morning – come rain or shine, snow, sleet, or New Mexican spring tempest.

Greeting the Menaul School students each morning brings me an almost indescribable joy, or at least, not one I can fit into a few adjectives.

I’m joyful because I know what each one will experience throughout their day at Menaul School. I know that they will be individually challenged by the great ideas of history, literature, religion, science, and art.

I know they will engage with curious, articulate, principled, and inspiring teachers. I know they will be engaged as few students have been over the past year – working hard on projects, experiments, discussions, debates, simulations, and the art of writing clean and complex prose.

I know they will be challenged to be compassionate, empathic, ethical, and caring. I know they will build lifelong relationships with mentors and friendships as close as sisters and brothers, which will carry them through life’s difficult times.

Because I have watched it for fifteen years, I know they will graduate from Menaul School with a strong sense of self and a calling to make a positive change in the world. I’m joyous because I know that futures are taking shape here, thanks to a 125-year-old community I’m deeply proud to be a part of.

I wake up each morning proud to serve the community that so engages happy, curious, enthusiastic young men and women. I gently tease our sleepy-faced students as they hop from their parents’ cars and into this intentional community for a World Smart experience like no other.

The 2021-2022 school year theme is THRIVE. We invite you to see how your student will THRIVE at Menaul School!


Mr. Lindsey R. Gilbert, Jr. 
President and Head of School