For over a century, Menaul School has welcomed students of all cultures, religions, ethnicities, and incomes. Today, our student body continues to be diverse. Students come from 16 different countries to experience Menaul School’s unique approach to education, which combines exceptional academics with a novel World Smart program.

At Menaul School, World Smart exemplifies not only who we are, but also what we do.

  • Along with content knowledge, we emphasize intellectual curiosity, free and open inquiry, and a quest for wisdom that creates an affinity for lifelong learning. Because of this approach, our students are prepared to meet the ever-changing challenges of college, work, and life.
  • We embrace and celebrate our long-standing diversity in an environment that encourages understanding and respect for other cultures, customs, and traditions. Here students acquire cross-cultural skills – including problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and flexibility – that ready them to work with diverse populations.
  • Students understand the true purpose and benefits of helping others and act on this knowledge through community service, both locally and globally. They are encouraged to analyze and grapple with big issues, such as poverty, immigration, and political discord.
  • Students live and learn on a beautifully cared for, decades-old campus. Here they gain respect for not only their immediate environment, but also the global environment. This respect for the earth is reinforced inside the classroom and out, through school projects and outdoor excursions such as camping and wilderness exploration.
  • Our mission is to prepare students to succeed in mind, body, and soul. Through daily chapel and reflection, academic rigor, athletics and the arts, we provide the foundation for personal growth, one that develops character, confidence, and integrity.
  • We create a rich and interconnected community that fosters multicultural communication and understanding, and cultivates compassion and concern for others. Students learn to think beyond themselves, acknowledge the impact of their actions on others and on the world, and together focus on the greater good.