Menaul School’s robust and diverse World Smart curriculum stands upon three legs: the European liberal arts tradition, the Presbyterian mission school tradition, and the American college preparatory school tradition. Each has its part in building Menaul’s unique Upper School culture, in preparing our students to succeed in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

We reach back to the rich legacy of the liberal arts to help our students become well-rounded critical thinkers

A Menaul student will engage with the works of ancient philosophers, will be pushed to express themselves as fully in the Arts, Athletics, Music, and Drama as they will in their core academic subjects. A liberal arts education prepares students to be members of a greater community; to engage with the world as ethical, rational thinkers; to be able to separate fact from opinion; to consider diverse points of view while staying true to one’s own core beliefs; and to be self-reflective from a position of deep knowledge and subtle understanding of the world.

From our Presbyterian roots, we inherit a strong respect for the reformed Christian tradition

Students at Menaul will engage with the Bible as well as the works and ideas of other great faiths and philosophies. We explore spirituality not to understand what divides us, but what unites us in our common humanity. We inherit our strong commitment to diversity, that students from all cultures, all religions, all social and economic backgrounds are worthy of the best education. We inherit our desire to change the world for the better for all mankind through service and faith.

As a college preparatory school, Menaul’s upper school faculty and administration understand what students need to be successful, in university and in life

In the twenty-first century, students need a rigorous and challenging curriculum to help them rise to their greatest potential. At Menaul School we’re too close a community for a student to fly under the radar. We believe that every child needs to be challenged, needs to be pushed to rise higher, needs to be given the most advanced education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We want to develop in our students a deep confidence that they are capable of being the leaders of tomorrow, to rise as empowered change-makers capable of tackling the pressing problems of the future.

Upper School Faculty: John Yuan and Chris Schifani