Ms. Schlabach visited Big Jim’s Chile Farm with her sons Andrew and Anthony.
  1. Go Chile Picking. 
    Do you love green chile? Upper School History Teacher Ms. Schlabach had a spicy good time while picking chiles at Big Jim’s Chile Farm. Picking chiles is a cheap thrill too, with no entrance fee, and patrons only paying for what they take home. Big Jim’s is open to the public until October 31st so start planning your trip now! 
  1. Visit the ABQ BioPark. 
    The ABQ BioPark is finally open to the public again and we couldn’t be more excited! Currently, the Zoo, Botanical Gardens, and Tingley Beach are open. The Zoo and Botanical Gardens require tickets to be purchased in advance, however prices are reduced. Tingley Beach is open to the public, no ticket required, from sun up until sundown. It is a wonderful way to get outside with your family and friends, support our local government, and have a wonderful time seeing animals, plants, and relaxing “beach” side.  
  1. Complete a scavenger hunt through old town 
    Urban Adventure Quest has a scavenger hunt through Old Town that teaches you local history and contemporary events. It is a wonderful group activity and a pretty good workout too! Players start at the mosaic entrance of Old Town and compete to be the quickest team in the past 30 days. Teams can do this at any time that works for them, it is completely contact-less and only requires the use of a smartphone.  
Ms. Dawson loves fall and isn’t afraid to show it!
Sixth Grader Summer and a friend visited McCall’s in 2019.
  1. Go to a Pumpkin Patch 
    Fall in the US means pumpkins, and there’s no better way to celebrate the season than spending an entire day at a pumpkin patch, in a cozy sweater, sipping on warm apple cider. McCall’s Pumpkin Patch plans to open this Saturday, September 26th through November 1st. You can purchase your tickets in advance here. Along with this, Big Jim’s Chile Farm (linked to earlier in the article) is also offering a pumpkin patch experience. 
Our dorm students at Balloon Fiesta 2019.
  1. Balloon Fiesta Live! Siesta Edition 
    Although Balloon Fiesta is cancelled, Balloon Fiesta Live! Siesta Edition is happening! This is a live event with highlights from past Balloon Fiestas, interviews with industry experts, and will show balloon launches and flights. They will have offers on 2020 Balloon Fiesta merchandise. Balloon Fiesta Live! Siesta Edition will run October 3-11 and can be viewed through, Balloon Fiesta’s Facebook and YouTube pages, as well as the public access station in ABQ. 

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