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Menaul School Parents, 

We are very excited for Fall 2020 to get started and finally see our students smiling faces again! After the uproar of the spring we wanted our Fall Learning Expedition to be focused on fun and interesting ideas. We have been inspired by watching people all around the globe adapt in positive ways to the restrictions set in place. We have seen healthcare workers do amazing things. We have seen companies change the ways they work together. We were even inspired by how hard our students worked at our online curriculum! 

This massive change in the world made us want to focus our Fall Learning Expedition on “Creative Solutions.” The book we have selected for summer reading is a fantasy take on a group of people who developed creative solutions to issues in their world. This book is a light fun read about people who overcome and work together. This book has great literary merit and has earned the Newbery award for children’s literature, but it was written in the 1940’s and has some archaic language. We plan to address this once school starts with a discussion about how things change over time and how it is important to be sensitive to others and respect all people from different walks of life. Please feel free to read along with your students at home and use it as an opportunity to have a thought-provoking discussion. 

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns! We are so excited to have everyone back at school this Fall! 


The Menaul Middle School Team

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