Dear Parents/Guardians, 

This has been an extraordinary end to the 2019 – 2020 school year, and nothing that any of us expected!  At school, we are adjusting to Zoom meetings, Zoom classes, and having to make our own lunches every day!  We know that you are making these adjustments, and probably many more.  We appreciate that Menaul School is part of your chosen community, and the ways that you’ve shown care to others with the supply drive for San Felipe Pueblo, the kindness you’ve shown to teachers as we’ve rolled out online schooling, and the ways that you care for family and community members.  

With so many changes, we know that your family’s finances may have also experienced some adjustments.  We want you to continue to be part of the Menaul School family and are working to adjust our own finances to adapt to the changes happening around the world at this time.  With that in mind, we have some options for upcoming payments that we hope will accommodate your family’s needs. 

Option One: 

Domestic families’ Payment plans typically begin in June. Due to the emergency situation presented by COVID-19, if your family needs a little more time before starting the payment plan, please request that we defer your first payment until July. 

Option Two: 

To support families in the Menaul School community who have been financially impacted by COVID, we have developed the following program and schedule: 

  • June 15: The School’s COVID Relief Form will be sent to families who have indicated to the school that they have a need beyond their existing scholarship award
    • Families seeking support from the school will need to complete the form, and upload the required documents (a reminder will go out in June)
    • Example documents include: Severance pay information, total unemployment benefits (including from the Stimulus package), pay stubs, letters from employer, letters from state unemployment agency
      Business Owners: current Profit and Loss Statement, Bank Statement, last audited financials, if applicable, CARES stimulus package loans from SBA
    • You need: a completed FACTS Grant and Aid application, based on 2019 taxes (include information about projections for 2020 where appropriate)–in order to be considered for COVID Relief, the FACTS application is your first priority.
  • Domestic Day Families with demonstrated need may be eligible for up to two waived payments 

Combination of Options One and Two: 

You may start with Option 1 and later decide you need to try Option 2. We will reserve Option 2 for our families in the greatest demonstrated need. 

We believe these options will provide support to families who are seriously concerned about their ability to make payments, balanced with the school’s need for resources to continue to provide an excellent education to our students. 

COVID-19 Financial Relief Program

Please fill out the form below if you need a payment plan deferred to July and/or if you intend to apply for COVID Relief in June. We will be sure to follow up with you!