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My Story


My story began in the dreamy desert landscape of Tucson, Arizona. In search of my next adventure, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts when I was 19. I came to Albuquerque almost 7 years ago, to be close to my mom. She spent her childhood years in the village of San Juan, north of Santa Fe, where she was born.

In non-Covid times, my very favorite thing is live music. Throughout my 20 years in the Boston area, I would go out to see music 4-5 times a week. The musician and fan community there helped shape who I am now. Because of that era, I crave community and my approach in my life is more creative. Other than that, I break for vintage signs, thrift stores, and new eateries in the area.

I am happiest when with my dog, Buxton. Close friends and family know me as, Coco.

My Mentors

My brother Troy was my first mentor. Every subject he took an interest in became another of his passions. He handed me an Andy Warhol biography when I was 11. He encouraged my writing and brought me so many of the authors I love today. He showed me the poets, Mary Oliver, Mark Strand, Yusef Komunyakaa, Anne Sexton, and countless others. He made every day of my life artful. He made people he met feel seen, and turned daily life into adventure and joyful celebration. I followed Troy to Boston (Cambridge, MA) without ever stepping foot on the East Coast. My time there was an education in itself and is still the greatest gift of my life. His encouragement and unconditional love transformed my thinking and continues to get me through my hardest days.

Why Menaul?

Ms. Soriano and Ms. Looks Twice at Menaul School Commencement

I did not know how much I would like working in a school until I found Menaul. The Head of School saw my potential before I did. As I prepared for my first time organizing a Menaul School Board meeting, I thought… what have I gotten myself into? I did not often interact with students in my role as Head of School Assistant. Now that I am in Digital Marketing there is a lot more interaction. I am usually very impressed with Menaul students in their social and intellectual engagement.

I feel so encouraged when I see kids being warm and generous with each other.

Menaul Friends Forever

Along with the school, I took a chance when I joined the community. No job is perfect, even when you spend every day with your friends, like I do at Menaul. I am encouraged to grow in my knowledge, and I am trusted in my role. I take on projects in order to make the school better, and in turn, the school becomes a better place for me to work.

What I love most about my role at Menaul, is getting people together. Organizing events is always a lot of fun. Also, being creative every day. Visual media is a joy to put together and implement into Menaul’s social media and website. Our team is super talented. If only there were time to turn all of the ideas into reality.

If You Are Considering Menaul School…

A well-rounded education is a privilege. For students with good hearts and strong minds, the Menaul School experience will reward you in every avenue of your educational evolution.

Nicole Soriano studied Poetry at Vermont College, and completed her certificate in Digital Marketing from The University of Vermont, this fall.

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