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Please complete your packet before the first day of school.

Step 1: Determine which math class you will be taking next Fall. Print the appropriate summer math packet to complete over the summer.
Step 2: Please read the cover page before beginning your work! The intent of the summer math is to keep you fresh on your prerequisite skills so you can begin the next math class prepared. It is very important to not fake your way through the summer math!!
Step 3: On the first day of school, you will take a test answering questions about your summer math. This assessment will count as the first math test in the Fall. You will turn in your math packet to your math teacher on this day.

If you’re not sure which packet you should be working on, please contact Mr. Moses or Ms. Mooty for help.

Incoming AP Calculus

Incoming Honor Precalculus Trig

Incoming Integrated Math 2

Incoming Integrated Math 3 and TCM

Incoming Stats


  1. 1
    Karen Silva on July 19, 2022

    Hello, is this for all High Schoolers? If so, please let me know which packet is for freshman and which is for Seniors.

    Thank you

    1. 2
      nsoriano on August 1, 2022

      Hello! Please email Ms. Mooty for an answer.

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