Dear Friends,

Thank you for your generous support for the students of Menaul School! You know the impact that a Menaul School education can make and the importance of charitable giving in making such a quality education possible. Your gifts, combined with those of others, have helped to provide a strong foundation for our students, such as the recent Class of 2019. There is no doubt that these students will be successful global citizens— beacons of light in the world. I hope you take great pride in knowing that you are helping to shape the future for the better.

Drew, Paco, and Santiago Henry

Reverend Drew Henry knew about Menaul School through his work in the Presbyterian Church, but he never thought that his boys would someday be students at Menaul School or that he would eventually serve as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. When the Henry family moved from the Southeast United States to New Mexico, finding the right learning community for their boys, Santiago and Francisco (Paco), was of utmost importance. Drew listened to the advice of one of his colleagues who told him to consider Menaul School, a school where he would have enrolled his own children if they had been living in Albuquerque.

Drew reported that when they visited Menaul School, “We were really attracted by the diversity of the student body; and, as a pastor, having a community that would care for the spiritual nurture of my children was really important to me. The size was also a plus: a smaller school where they would be a vital part of a close-knit community.”

Be The Light

Paco finds learning to be one of his greatest joys in school. Inspired by both his English and Math courses—he particularly likes math problems because he enjoys the challenge of working additional creative solutions in his head. Paco also appreciates the individualized help that he receives from his teachers when needed. Paco participates in soccer, track, the jazz band and the chess club. He has made many international student friends, participated in the exchange program to Germany, and his family has hosted international students for the holidays. Paco is studying Mandarin Chinese, a language class being offered for the first time this year. Paco hopes to study someday at the Menaul School campus in China.

For Santiago, it is his friends and the faculty at Menaul School who bring him greatest happiness and energy each day. Santiago developed a core group of friends in 6th grade who have remained close; they have studied together, enjoyed sports and volunteering. Santiago has also served as student council president, and as a senior, for the first time ever, Santiago joined the football team, helping the Panthers become District Champions! But Santiago’s view of the world reaches far beyond his core group of friends. Through two of his favorite classes, Ethics and World Diplomacy, Santiago mentioned how much he liked the teachers and the impact they make. “The way they teach, the discussions they have, and the diverse perspectives offered by the international students challenge the way each student thinks. By the end of the class, you realize that there is not really just one answer,” said Santiago.

Paco (9th grade) and Santiago (12th grade)

Santiago and Paco represent a new generation of students seeking success in this ever-changing world—a world experiencing trade battles, terrorism, political polarization, natural disasters and eroding environmental conditions—just to name a few of the challenges. Our world needs intelligent, ethical leaders with cross-cultural competencies and an expansive understanding of the interconnectedness of civilizations and eco-systems.

Your gifts help make a World Smart education possible.

For Santiago, Paco, and all of the students accepted to attend Menaul School, tuition is based upon family income in an effort to continue the social justice values that have been at the heart of Menaul School since it was founded.

Because of support, Santiago, Paco, and their classmates, are the next beneficiaries of this historical tradition and emphasis on education—an investment begun some 124 years ago by the Presbyterian Church. Yes, times have always been challenging, but with the commitment of caring people like you, children of all races, ethnicities and incomes have been able to receive an excellent education that has built their character, skills, knowledge and confidence—an education that has prepared them to take on the challenges of the world and to succeed at whatever they are called to do.

Santiago and Paco remind me of the importance of hope for our future, and these fine young people exemplify that hope. And like generations past, they need a strong community of support believing in their potential and investing in their education. Your congregation is an important part of that community; you are helping to build these young ethical leaders, who will ultimately make our communities and world a better place.

At this special time of year, I invite you to continue to provide your vital support—to help ensure that Santiago, Paco and their classmates have the opportunity to continue to be educated in an environment that nurtures their spirits, strengthens their minds and helps them to reach their full potential.

Create a bright future: make a gift online or by completing the enclosed card and returning it to Menaul School.

We give thanks for you and invite you to visit campus often to experience the ways that this fine tradition of education continues.

Wishing you a blessed holiday season from all of us,

Lindsey R. Gilbert Jr.
President & Head of School

P.S. You can offer your support while making it easy on your budget; establish a sustaining monthly gift of $20, $50 or any amount.