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“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

William Shakespeare

Thank You For Your Generous Support Of Menaul School Students!

Dear Friend,

As we close out 2021, we want you to know how your time, service, skill, and charitable gifts open windows of opportunity for young people, like Mikayla. Now a sophomore, Mikayla’s been growing and learning in Mind, Body and Spirit at Menaul School since 6th Grade.

While she excelled in elementary school, Mikayla didn’t feel challenged enough. “At the same time I didn’t know what exactly being challenged was…I just knew that I could be doing more.” Her Mother, a former Panther, and her Grandmother, encouraged her to look at Menaul.  She remembers standing in the hallway before her interview when two older students greeted her. “Maybe I looked confused,” she says. The girls asked Mikayla if she needed any help finding her way. She knew then that she had found the community which would light her path to success.

Mikayla’s a natural born leader, and she laughs when describing how her grade schoolteachers told her parents, “If I let her, she’d take over my class.

At Menaul, Mikayla’s innate leadership has been nurtured and valued. This year, she is on Student Council and, as Captain, led the Varsity Volleyball team to its first district victory in 30 years! She has a full class load, including AP History, Chemistry, and Choir, and she is grateful for the opportunities she has to grow as a person, and develop her skills as a leader.

“Menaul gave me a foundation to grow that leadership and it gave me the opportunities to become the leader people knew I could be.“

Mikayla S.

Your Gift Ensures An Education That Nurtures Mind, Body, and Spirit

2021 Menaul School volleyball champions

As we prayerfully move toward a post-pandemic world, we are mindful that so many young people are profoundly transformed by new life and learning routines. For many students, anxiety, confusion, and even grief will dominate their memories of adolescence during these last two years. But through it all, Menaul Panthers are steadily forming their own identities, spiritual foundations, and plans for college and career.

Menaul graduates celebrate their achievements and future

Despite the backdrop of world challenges that threaten peace and prosperity, we are seeing Menaul domestic and international students make authentic friendships in classes, sports, chapel, and in their daily campus life. And we see students who are resilient and resourceful… because of one another and their caring parents, teachers, spiritual leaders, and staff.

For all this, we are grateful to you… for your philanthropy, and for your belief in their potential. At this special time of year, we hope you will support students like Mikayla. Your gift ensures them an education that nurtures their mind, body, and spirit, and allows them to reach their full potential.

We give thanks for you and how you brighten our Menaul community!

Wishing you a blessed holiday season from all of us,

Lindsey R. Gilbert, Jr.

Head of School

Melanie Davis

Director, Office of Institutional Advancement