Ms. Anderson’s 8th grade Science class were given the task to make their own working instruments. Here is the challenge and criteria they used.


We know that sound is a form of energy produced and transmitted by vibrating matter and that pitch is determined by the frequency of a vibrating object. You have been studying sound and how sound is transmitted and used as a means of communication

Design Challenge:

Design and build a musical instrument that will make at least four different pitches, demonstrate its amplitude, and use it to create a tune of your own. You may use the materials that your teacher provides.


● Your instrument must have at least four different recognizable pitches
● Your instrument must demonstrate amplitude
● be attractive and neatly made
● be accompanied by a presentation explaining how your instrument works
● be used to play a short tune

Students first began by brainstorming their ideas then tested and evaluated their solutions. They named their instrument and presented to the class on how it worked and why they chose their materials.

Thank you for sharing, Ms. Anderson!

Check out this video demonstrating how to make your own musical instrument

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