Holistic Approach to Middle School Education

Middle School is an exciting time of transition in many ways, but it’s also a complicated one, and students need help navigating the many aspects of this passage from childhood into young adulthood. As a school, we can best serve our students by providing them with opportunities to grow in body, mind, and spirit.


Our sixth grade core classes, Humanities and STEM, are taught in 90 minute blocks.


The elective courses for seventh and eighth grade students are taught in nine week sections.


The middle school supplements classroom instruction with learning expeditions; utilizing in-depth investigations of real-world topics across multiple subject areas. These immersive week-long experiences implement multi-disciplinary examination of a topic that included service learning, field trips, and collaborative work.


Daily physical education classes are required, as well as exercise and athletic activities after lunch. In addition, 99% of our middle school students participate in a team sport.


Our Learning Support Specialist provides targeted interventions for students with diagnosed learning disabilities, as well as help with study strategies and organizational skills. In addition to these services, diagnostic evaluations are offered on campus by our Learning Support Specialist.

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Menaul’s Middle School is a program crafted to meet the developmental needs of early adolescents. While the Middle School years can be a turbulent time for many children and their families, it’s also a time of profound opportunity to help students develop into strong students, caring friends, and responsible community members. As a School, we can best serve our students by providing them with opportunities to grow in body, mind, and spirit.

Physically, students are supported with opportunities to move throughout the day, daily physical education, and opportunities to hone teamwork and athletic skills with organized sports. Providing students with the tools to stay physically (as well as emotionally) healthy is another way support their physical development, particularly in this developmental period marked by so much change.

In the academic realm, students are synthesizing the knowledge that they’ve already developed in elementary school, at the same time that they are expanding their horizons with new challenges and experiences. Our Middle School structure affords students and teachers both the time and structure needed to examine subjects in a multidisciplinary and holistic way, helping students to examine questions and find solutions with context. Our goal is for the strong foundation that our students build here to support them well into high school and beyond, pairing curiosity about the world with the strong study skills and habits of mind needed for success.

Students’ spiritual education is geared toward helping them find meaning in the world, an understanding of self, and ethical ways of interacting with others. Spiritual education is accomplished formally in religious studies classes, which include Biblical foundations, ethics, and world religions. Informally, helping students’ to develop spiritually – with all that entails – is part of classroom interactions, conversation, and all-school programming throughout the school day.