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Faculty at Menaul School are passionate about teaching. They are experts in their fields, provide students with individualized attention at the highest level, and promote lifelong, skill-based learning. Our faculty prepares students for our rapidly changing world, equipping them with future-proof skills that in-demand jobs will require, such as teamwork and collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Middle School STEM

Adelle Anderson
MS Science / US Stem Support
James Doyle
Upper School Science,
MS Athletic Director
Danielle Parker
Middle School Math
Brianne Toledo
Middle School STEM

Middle School Humanities

Sean Roark
Middle School Social Studies / Spanish

Upper School STEM

Jaqueline Acosta
Upper School Science
Saverio Bellomo
Upper School Mathematics
Eric Moses
Upper School Dean, Mathematics Department Chair
Nina La Roux
Upper School Mathematics

Upper School Humanities

Steven Garcia
US History
Kate Roesler
US Humanities
John Sitler
Religious Studies Department Chair, Upper School Religion
Dr. Chase Arnold
Upper School English

Kahlieh Bernstein
Upper School English

Dr. Rachael Powell
US History & World Geography

Yuwen Chen
Upper School Chinese

Chelsea Bunn
Upper School English


Josh Baca
Upper School History, Physical Education
Gary Boatman
Athletic Director, Physical Education

Visual and Performing Arts

Cindy Crockett
Fine Arts Department Chair, Upper School Art
BA Art History, Drawing and Painting, Education
April Rain Kishbaugh
Dan Noyes
Middle School Art
Alexandra Uranga