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My Story

I care deeply about the liberal arts and particularly for history and literature. After receiving a life-changing education focused on great books at St. John’s College I realized I would be happiest spending my life in the classroom helping young people learn about ideas and the past.

As far as my passions, I love to read long novels, philosophy, and poetry. I enjoy hiking in the mountains and along the acequias. I am passionate about used bookstores, reading, sustainable farming and the natural world.

What I love most as a teacher, are moments of collective insight during discussions about challenging books and ideas. Seeing the wonder on my students faces and then the “epiphany” of discovery is deeply rewarding.

My Mentors

I am deeply influenced by my former teachers at St. John’s, particularly John Cornell, my thesis advisor. I was also encouraged to study political philosophy and history more deeply by Jonathan Hand during my sophomore year. I have picked up the habit from them and others of taking old books seriously and trusting that I can learn something significant from them on my own and with others. As a result, I often find myself turning to Emily Dickinson, Aristotle, Tolstoy, and many others as mentors.

Mr. Bernstein

Why Menaul?

I wanted to be part of a rigorous community of learning that embraces an international perspective. I wanted to settle in Albuquerque after living for two years in Texas in order to be closer to family in Colorado and to the mountains.

The moment when I begin to gain a student’s trust that they will learn valuable things in my class is among my favorite experiences as a teacher. I lead my students by encouraging careful reading, listening, and speaking. We engage in studying primary source documents, like Frederick Douglass‘ personal narrative and Washington’s Farewell Address, as frequently as possible.

In my class you will have the chance to learn more about the remarkable events in American History that led us to where we are today.

Our community welcomes you with open arms. Menaul students and teachers are passionate about the work we are engaged in, and hope you will join us in our joyful efforts in learning.

Mr. Bernstein

Kahlieh Bernstein has a BA Liberal Arts.


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