Parents all over the region are exploring the possibilities of sending their students to boarding schools, as opposed to online learning, or risking bringing the infection home from large schools and full classrooms. Fill out a request for information and speak with a member of the admission staff about the possibilities for students from all over the country, including local students from New Mexico. We are committed to exceeding state health mandates to ensure that we keep our community safe and healthy. Financial aid is available!

Some of our boarding students enjoying an on-campus bonding activity! Our boarding population includes students from New Mexico and around the world.

“We try to provide an environment that is home away from home. We are one big happy family who enjoy meals, celebrations, study time, and weekend adventures together.”

Julie Webb, Head of Dorm Staff

Boarding students have called Menaul School “home” since the school’s inception in 1896. All of our boarding students, whether local students or from abroad, benefit from the caring guidance and structure of Menaul School dorm life. Parents remark that attending boarding school better prepares students for independent college life better than any other experience that they could have at their age. With students from over 12 countries, dorm life is truly a global “family”, providing students with unforgettable memories and friends they will want to visit on multiple continents. Our expert staff guides students through life- and organization skills, and also accompany them on a variety of weekend experiences such as river rafting, skiing, hiking, camping, climbing, trampolining, and more. Boarding is ideal for students grades 9-12 who are:

  • Ready for more independence
  • Enjoy being part of a close-knit community of friends
  • Who are motivated to attend college
  • Bored with the status quo, and want something more for their future

5-day and 7-day boarding options are available for domestic students. We have two Presidential merit-based scholarships as well as additional need-based financial aid.

Check out this video from one of our 2020 graduates, Tiffany, about her time at the Menaul boarding program! Her video includes a small room tour and personal testimony.

Affording Domestic Boarding

Accessing financial aid can make boarding at Menaul School more affordable. Call us for more information at 505-341-7250.

5-Day Boarding families typically pay in the following range:

7-Day Boarding families typically pay in the following range: