Menaul China

Menaul China is our flagship program, a system of two American-style high schools which operate under the direction of Menaul School Albuquerque. Hundreds of students in China are currently enjoying a World Smart education that will set them apart from the pack. At the conclusion of their education, they will receive the same recognition as any Menaul student, along with the same limitless opportunities available to Menaul’s best and brightest.

Menaul School Qingdao (MSQ) – Our largest partner school, Menaul School Qingdao is centered on a brand new seaside campus located in Qingdao’s Blue Silicon Valley development area. Menaul School Qingdao is a premier educational institution in the province of Shandong, with more than 150 students currently receiving an American-style education.

Menaul School Taiyuan (MST) – Our oldest partner school, Menaul School Taiyuan has seen students from Shaanxi province, China move on to international educational success since 2013. MST is currently in the process of building a new, modern campus to match that built in Qingdao, and expects to complete construction in 2019.

Löwenrot Gymnasium

Menual School has a bi-lateral exchange program with Löwenrot Gymnasium in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.  Each year in April, a group of Löwenrot students travels to Albuquerque, attends classes at Menaul School, stays with host families, and visits important cultural sites in New Mexico.  Then, in the summer, a group of Menaul Students travels to St. Leon-Rot (near Heidelberg) to experience German customs and culture first-hand, staying with local hosts, visiting world-famous castles and monuments, and taking intro to German language. Löwenrot Gymnasium has beautiful, modern facilities, a wide selection of course offerings, and friendly teachers and students. Menaul School and its students are grateful for the opportunity to partner with this school.

Menaul School – People to People International

In 2018, Menaul School has committed to strengthening and deepening its relationship with People to People International. The brainchild of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, People to People was founded with the goal of enhancing international understanding through cross-cultural exchange and education. With Menaul’s world-smart curriculum and People to People’s history of bringing people from different countries together, Menaul School and PTPI are natural partners to expand international education opportunities to students from around the world.

Contact Us

For further information on Menaul School’s international partnership programs, please contact Christopher Ferrara at We are able to answer specific questions related to international education solutions, as well as to provide samples of curriculum maps, contracts, professional development, and more.