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Why After Care?

Middle School students need supervision by responsible adults, and that is true during classes, at home, or for other times they spend on Menaul’s campus. The After Care program bridges the gap between the end of after school activities at 4:00 pm (on normal school days) and the afternoon pickup time that’s possible for many parents.


School days (Monday through Friday), beginning at 4:00 pm, with pick-up time between 5:30 and 6:00 pm.

Students participating in sports with longer practices or athletic contests will join After Care when their practices or games are done, unless an authorized adult picks them up at the gymnasium.


After Care is designed to provide enrichment activities for children physically and academically, and to protect their physical and emotional wellbeing. In addition to an after-school snack, the program will also provide time to complete homework, activities targeted to improve students’ skills in academic subjects, movement, reading, field trips, and time for games and crafts. One goal of the program, in particular, is to allow students time and adult guidance to pursue projects that interest them and extend their learning – playing music with a small group, building and flying kites, designing and playing a new board game, creating and constructing clothing for a fashion show. Space and time are also available for students to meet with private tutors.

Sample Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Snack Snack Snack Snack Snack
Time to work on projects Academic enrichment activities Time to work on projects Academic enrichment activities Games and crafts
Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework

Safety and Accountability

All students are expected to be in After Care if they are on campus after 4:00 pm. Students on campus after 4:00 pm will be delivered to the After Care program and supervisor. Student accounts will be charged for any days in which they are present in After Care.

Only parents, guardians, and other authorized adults are permitted to pick up children. Face-to-face sign-out with After Care staff is necessary to make sure that children only leave with adults responsible for their care.


Tuition for the program runs on a sliding scale, from $6 to $16 a day. The information used to determine financial aid awards is also used to determine eligibility for reduced tuition for After Care.


The After Care program is housed in the Helen Porter Childs(HPC) Student Center on Menaul’s campus, although field trips may take the program off campus from time to time.