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Our Domestic Day families typically pay between $9,000 and $19,523 per student. For information about an additional scholarship, check out the Corio Aspiring Innovators Program.

*If you do not choose to participate in the Individualized Tuition Program, your full annual tuition will be $19,523.


Menaul School offers the Individualized Tuition Program, which is available to all Domestic Day students (50% of our population participate in the program). This ITP allows families to apply for an individualized tuition amount, staying within 10-15% of your household income. Net tuition includes fees and lunch.

What to know before you begin

  • Parents/guardians can begin the FACTS Grant and Aid application at any point during the Admission process, prior to enrolling.
  • Have your Federal Tax form on hand. The Grant and Aid application evaluates combined household income. For dual households, each parent completes the Grant and Aid application one time per division (once in Middle School, once in Upper School).
  • Typically, once a FACTS Grant and Aid application is complete, it takes two weeks for FACTS to approve the tax form before the application will be processed. Menaul School processes complete applications on a rolling basis, twice per month.
  • Your financial aid application will be reviewed once your complete admission application is also received.
  • If you need support for the Grant and Aid application,
    please call 1-866-315-9262.

What is Guaranteed Tuition?

Guaranteed Tuition is Menaul School’s commitment to ensure families pay a consistent tuition rate, allowing families to budget for education expenses for the next three or more years. Instead of facing uncertainty each year during re-enrollment time, Guaranteed Tuition allows families more predictability when it comes to tuition.

Does the Guaranteed Tuition rate include fees?

Yes, the net tuition amount you receive includes Registration, Technology, Activities, and lunch.

For how long is the tuition guaranteed?

Tuition is guaranteed by division. This means that families receive their guaranteed tuition for the middle school years, and for upper school years. If a student starts at Menaul School in the 6th grade, their tuition is guaranteed through the end of 8th grade. If a student starts in 8th grade, they will benefit from guaranteed tuition starting in 9th.

Do I need to complete the financial aid application every year?

No, the financial application is completed twice (once when entering Middle School, and once when entering Upper School).

How do I become eligible for Guaranteed Tuition?

All enrolled Domestic Day families who choose to submit the financial application, are eligible. New applicants to Menaul School must first be accepted to the school, and the financial application must be completed and reviewed before receiving a Guaranteed Tuition rate.

When you enroll at Menaul School during the regular decision period (decisions sent February 25th), expect a $500 deposit in March.

Payment plans start in June.

Choose from single, two, or up to ten payments depending on when you enroll.

Once your online payment plan is set up, you still have some flexibility. For example, you can defer a payment one month. Or, you can pay down your balance early.


Net tuition includes registration, activities (think: field trips, transportation), and technology. It also includes lunch! No more packing a lunch, or sending money every day.

For single payment plans, you can opt out of Tuition Insurance (TORRP) and there are no additional fees.

For two payments, expect a $300 TORRP fee plus a $100 financing fee. For ten payments, expect a $300 TORRP fee plus a $275 financing fee. Fees are spread out into the payments to be more manageable.

For questions about payment plans at Menaul School, please contact

Individualized Tuition is designed to make a college prep middle and high school education affordable to more families. Sometimes it just isn’t quite enough, given your family’s circumstances, family size, and even the number of students you wish to send to Menaul School.

If that is the case, and your student has demonstrated potential in academics, consider applying for the Corio Aspiring Innovators Program.

There are a limited number of local scholarships to be aware of, which are not associated with Menaul School specifically. We encourage you to explore.

Domestic Day:


Domestic Boarding:


Why Individualized Tuition?

Menaul School is recognized as the #1 most diverse private school in Albuquerque. In a diverse and inclusive community like ours, everyone’s voices and contributions are of value. Individualized Tuition makes a quality private school education affordable for more local families, so the Menaul School student population will continue to look like the vibrant population of Albuquerque itself.

Most private schools strive to be more diverse, offering financial aid or scholarships to try to attract more diversity to their campus because of the benefits that brings to all. Menaul School’s community is naturally diverse; thus, Menaul School’s tuition model simply recognizes that fact.

Every family’s contribution is a sacrifice your family is making to provide the best learning opportunity possible for your student.

You’re An Important Part of a Community

You want your student to learn and thrive, at a school where your student is encouraged to consider other viewpoints, interact respectfully, and broaden their world view. Where better to do that than a school where in a typical year, a quarter of the students are from all over the world?

Being diverse also means we have a wide range of family incomes represented at the school. Some people think private school education is just for a limited group of well-resourced people. In reality, programs that we have in place at Menaul School are what keeps our community strong, with strength in our diversity.

It is important to us that you step foot on campus knowing you are part of a community. You are not artificially categorized according to what tuition you pay.

Plan Your Budget, Be Well-Informed!

Individualized Tuition, as well as Guaranteed Tuition will allow you to know your tuition up front, and budget for multiple years without fear of tuition increasing.

Guaranteed tuition applies to all families opting to complete the financial application at Menaul School.

Have questions for us? We are glad to help. Fill out a request for information, or contact

International Students

Financial Aid is offered to international students based on need. Please submit a request for information to find out more.