At Menaul School we take a holistic approach to supporting students with learning challenges.  When a student is having academic difficulty we draw on the knowledge and experience of parents, teachers, the student, and the learning support specialist to craft strategies and approaches that will best serve the student’s academic and intellectual goals.

Small classes and engaged teachers make it possible for all students to be served in general education classes, and Menaul School offers several reasonable accommodations to students with documented educational disabilities.  (A list of available accommodations is available from the admissions office or from the director of learning services.)  The learning specialist consults with teachers to help them forge a bridge between curriculum and students’ learning needs as well as meeting with individual students to work with them on such school readiness skills as time management, organization, self-advocacy and study skills.  Menaul School also recommends tutors for students who need one-on-one help with specific subjects.

Menaul School provides (at no additional cost) diagnostic evaluations conducted by a licensed educational diagnostician for students who may have an undiagnosed learning disability.  Diagnostic evaluations provide insight into a student’s learning profile and form the basis of academic and test taking accommodations throughout a child’s academic career.

Menaul’s spirit of inclusivity and academic and intellectual rigor is reflected in its approach to students with learning differences.  We are available to answer any questions you might have about specific accommodations and supports.