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At Menaul School we take a holistic approach to supporting students with learning challenges. We draw on the knowledge and experience of parents, teachers, the student, and expert guidance to craft strategies and approaches that will best serve the student’s academic and intellectual goals.

Inclusivity, plus academic and intellectual rigor, are all important at Menaul School. We strive to make learning equitable. When a student feels supported, it then becomes possible to achieve higher than they thought possible!

Have an IEP?

When a student has an IEP, the information is reviewed by Division Directors who consult with a learning support specialist. The goal is to ensure the school can provide the accommodations necessary for the student to thrive at Menaul.

Our staff will talk with you about specific accommodations we will provide for your student.

Divison Directors discuss and plan with teachers to help them make adaptations or accommodations that support each student’s learning. Generally speaking, material is presented in a variety of ways to best access students’ diverse ways of learning.

Some of the accommodations and support we provide include:

  • preferential seating
  • adaptive technology
  • extended time on tests
  • academic skill intervention
  • 2 or more sessions per week in a learning support class

Keep Growing! Learning Differentiation is Key

We consistently have a wide variety of skill levels, strengths, and differences in each class. Thus, faculty excel at differentiating the curriculum for maximum learning growth. Smaller class sizes allow for more attention to each student’s needs and individual growth.


Throughout all middle school, students take baseline tests in math and English, and work to improve their skills from the baseline.

Menaul School provides free diagnostic evaluations conducted by a licensed educational diagnostician for students who may have an undiagnosed learning disability. Diagnostic evaluations provide insight into a student’s learning profile and form the basis of academic and test taking accommodations throughout a student’s academic career.

If your student has a diagnosed learning difference or disability and you have questions about our program, please reach out to

Get Built-in Support Throughout the Day

Support is woven into each school day. Support includes: Humanities and STEM support classes, learning support time built in to the Learning Extension period up to four days a week, plus classes and special workshops on skills needed for success.

For example, all 6th grade students take a class called Introduction to Middle School. Also, to bridge the transition from 8th to 9th grade, faculty deliver special workshops on school readiness skills like time management, organization, self-advocacy, and study skills.