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At Menaul School, we provide individualized attention in a rigorous academic environment for grades 6-12. We embrace each student's uniqueness and bring the world into the classroom.

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“My favorite thing about Menaul School is the environment and the people within it.”

Natalie Hughes ’21

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0 % of students participate in service projects
0 :1 student to faculty ratio
0 % of students participate in international travel programs
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Q & A with Laura Hille, International Admission Director

Q & A with Laura Hille, International Admission Director

In 1966 Menaul School was one of the few schools that was approved by the US State Department to receive international students. With your background in international admissions, tell us why that was significant and what that approval means for Menaul School today? It’s significant because it demonstrates our long history of welcoming students from…

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Menaul School Boarding Program: A Home Away from Home

Menaul School Boarding Program: A Home Away from Home

Throughout Menaul School’s 125-year history, students from over 50 countries have called Menaul School their home away from home. Yes, the boarding program has changed over time. Sometimes our alumni have a hard time recognizing the boarding program as their own. But if you look a little closer, you will see that certain elements are…

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