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US colleges and universities generally look at the “whole student” when making admissions decisions, going beyond grades and test scores to decide if a student is ready to learn and grow with peers as part of a first-year class.

Menaul School’s College Counseling Department embraces this whole-student approach, helping students to explore the thousands of colleges and universities in the US and abroad in order to find those that will uniquely fit their academic, professional, financial, and personal needs.

Menaul School helps its students to develop themselves as engaged, inquisitive, and intelligent youths who can articulate their unique strengths to colleges through individual and group activities throughout their high school experience. At Menaul, we provide students with the tools to find college success and the guidance to use them well.

As Menaul School’s College Counselor, I warmly welcome your inquiries, and look forward to working with you and your child in the future.

Shannon Baldonado, LCSW
Mental Health Counselor & College Advisor