Our Religious Studies faculty aspire to develop within Menaul students a basic understanding of world religious teachings and traditions, an appreciation of the centrality of the religious and spiritual dimension of human experience, and the curiosity to struggle with the “big questions” about the purpose and meaning of life.

An emphasis on scripture and the Reformed Christian tradition reflects Menaul’s Presbyterian roots and continuing affiliation with the Presbyterian Church (USA); however the department has no sectarian nor doctrinal agenda. Students are encouraged to explore freely and creatively their own faith and beliefs.

Religious education encompasses daily chapel, religious studies classes, Mission Week, and community service. While the chapel program and the essential philosophy of our religion is based in the Protestant, specifically Presbyterian, tradition, Menaul School educations students to understand a broad range of world religions as well as to develop a deep understanding of their own beliefs.

We are concerned with educating the whole person for the whole world. In mind, body, and spirit, we strive to graduate students who are not only academically well-prepared but also spiritually and socially prepared to participate in the communities of which they are a part. Our Reformed Christian tradition means that we value all inquiry and welcome students from all faith communities.



6th Grade:   Introduction to the Bible (1 semester)
7th Grade:   Ethics and Morality (1 quarter)
8th Grade:   World Religions (1 quarter)


9th Grade:      Covenant (1 semester)
10th Grade:    World Religions (1 semester)
11th Grade:     Ethics
12th Grade:     Credo: Senior Religion Seminar


The community gathers for worship in recognition of God‘s presence in our lives. Students are required to attend Chapel and to participate respectfully in accordance with their family’s spiritual tradition. The Chapel program is led by Reverend Takako Terino, who calls on faculty, staff, and community speakers to contribute. Students are encouraged to attend outside worship services in their own faith tradition.


Mission Week is a week in the spring and a time when each Upper School class is involved in a community service project. During Mission Week, Menaul School students serve our greater community. Younger students serve our local and regional communities, while older students have the privilege of traveling farther afield to serve.


In the Middle School, service learning opportunities are embedded into our Learning Expeditions. For example, when Middle School students studied the experiences of refugees, they also prepared community garden plots for refugees in the Albuquerque area. Upper School students must complete and report 70 hours of independent community service over the course of 4 years. For example, a senior student collected used clothing which she sewed into quilts to warm people experiencing homelessness. Community service hours are broken down as follows:

Freshman are required to complete 10 hours
Sophomores are required to complete 15 hours
Juniors are required to complete 20 hours
Seniors are required to complete 25 hours