The Senior Capstone Project at Menaul School is an activity of discovery, exploration, and participation. Students choose a personal topic of interest that requires creativity and curiosity and explores personal competencies, future goals, and personal biases.

The Senior Capstone Project requires students to be an independent learner who engages in creating personally meaningful activities.

With the aid of faculty and a community mentor, students will complete a research paper, a product, and a portfolio as well as give a presentation about their experience. Students spend almost a full year engaging in their topic while also participating in a semester-long Capstone course that includes life-skill lessons.

Example Projects

Gonzalo (Class of 2018) researched cost-effective prosthetics and created a simple prosthetic leg that could easily be built in third-world countries.

Rehema (Class of 2019) volunteered with a local refugee organization and started a Literacy Club after learning about how children gain literacy in multiple languages.

Christine (Class of 2018) immersed herself in the world of beekeeping and built a beehive for a community farm.

Lucianna (Class of 2019) wrote, produced, and acted in her own one-woman play illustrating the mental effects of child abuse.