A demanding and caring educational institution set in a regional, national and global context, Menaul’s Upper School exists to help shepherd children into the adult world, recognizing that that specific charge involves the key years of middle and late adolescence. These transformational years are filled with excitement and challenges as students gradually leave behind the more controlled and conditioned world of childhood and embrace the increasingly complex and autonomous world of adulthood.

Upper School provides a rigorous college-preparatory, a character-based curriculum that prepares students for the global community. Upper School provides a meaningful curriculum that connects students’ lives with the larger community. Students from over 12 different countries learn and interact on a daily basis. Personalized college guidance helps each student find and select the best college and university that will meet their life goals and ambitions.

Upper School Curriculum Guide

Graduation Requirements

The State Board of Education and Independent Schools of the Southwest accredit Menaul School. Graduation requirements meet or exceed those of these agencies. The special focus of the school prescribes additional requirements. 24.5 credits are required for graduation.


English One credit per year required.  4.0
Math & Science (STEM) Students are required to take four years of math beginning with Algebra I. Students must take Biology and Chemistry. After they complete those classes they may choose Advanced Biology, Advanced Chemistry, Environmental Science, or Physics.  7.0*
Social Studies Students take World History in 9th grade. The Americas in the 10th grade, United States History in the 11th grade, and Government and Economics as seniors.
Every year we will also offer a Social Studies elective to juniors and seniors.
Physical Education Two semesters of P.E. are required.  2.0
Fine Arts Two years of Fine Arts are required. This includes Visual and Performing Arts.  2.0
Modern Languages Credits must be taken in consecutive years.  2.0
Religion and Philosophy One semester per year is required.  2.0
Electives A variety of elective classes are available  1.5
Capstone Project Students work on a project of their own design throughout their senior year and make a formal presentation of their work to the Menaul community in May before graduation.  0.5
 TOTAL 24.5

Our graduation requirements were designed to give students more flexibility in their schedules, allowing for:

  1. Dual credit work at CNM or UNM
  2. Off-campus internships or research programs
  3. Opportunities to make up lost credits
  4. Work/Study possibilities
  5. Free periods to be used for study hall