Menaul School students are required to wear school uniforms to school every day, unless the School’s administrative team announces a special dress day. The goal of the uniform is to help students focus on schoolwork rather than on outfits, to build community spirit, and to reduce pressure on parents to keep up with the latest fashion trends for students.


A white or red polo shirt bearing the embroidered Menaul School logo

  • Both short and long sleeve versions are available
  • Shirts may be tucked in or left untucked

Shorts, Skirts, Skorts, Jumpers, Pants, and Capris

Tan or khaki-colored cotton twill bottoms are worn with the uniform polo


Most types of shoes are consistent with the dress code. Closed-toed and -heeled shoes are preferable to less sturdy types, though, so that students have greater freedom of movement during the day.

Physical Education

Class Students in Physical Education class are required to wear sneakers and appropriate workout clothes. T-shirts (no tank tops), shorts, sweat pants, and sweat shirts are all acceptable clothing for PE class.