Menaul School is committed to giving every student numerous opportunities to explore what being World Smart means to them. Menaul students study abroad in Europe and Asia, but they also have the opportunity to interact with our incredibly diverse international student population every day.

Students at Menaul School have the opportunity to participate in a half-month cultural exchange in Germany. For students seeking a more immersive exchange experience, Menaul School’s partner campus in Qingdao, China affords opportunities to truly experience life in another country while continuing Menaul’s academic program. Menaul also hosts students from around the world for short-term and year-long exchange opportunities, in addition to our permanent international student population representing seventeen different countries.

Upcoming Trip to Löwenrot, Germany

July 6-21, 2022

6 Menaul School students will be staying with host families.


  • Learning German 101
  • Trying German cuisine
  • Visiting historical castles and the Black Forest
  • Taking a day trip to France (Strasbourg)
  • Participating in a group project with their counterparts at Löwenrot
Menaul and Löwenrot students in Germany at the Heidelberg Castle.