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Menaul School Exchange Trip to LÖWENROT, GERMANY

JULY 6-21, 2022


  • Learning German 101
  • Trying German cuisine
  • Visiting historical castles and the Black Forest
  • Taking a day trip to France (Strasbourg)
  • Participating in a group projects with their counterparts at Löwenrot

In Makayla’s Words

My trip to Germany was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity! I stayed with a host family, they were so kind to me and made me feel so at home. I also really enjoyed meeting new kids my age. I wasn’t expecting to have such a close bond with them in the short time we had together. We had so much fun going to places around Germany.

One of my favorite moments was going on a rollercoaster with Coach Baca. I have never heard him laugh so hard.

I also loved when the Americans made Tacos for all the Germans one night. I think they really liked them.

This experience was definitely a culture shock and I feel like I now have some understanding of what the international students at Menaul feel. Overall, this trip was very enlightening and made me realized how blessed I was to experience it. I look forward to the German students to come visit us next year!

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