Domestic Day

Our Domestic Day families typically pay between $6,000 and $18,060 per student.


Menaul School offers the Individualized Tuition Program, which is available to all Domestic Day students (50% of our population participate in the program). This ITP allows for families to apply for an individualized tuition amount, staying within 10-15% of your household income. Net tuition includes fees and lunch.

If you are wanting an idea of what you would pay before the admission process is complete, we offer Tuition Estimates, after a family has completed an application and visited. Please submit a request for information below to learn more about Tuition Estimates. Alternatively, please check out our Case Studies, which offer a variety of family profiles, and the tuition that these families would pay.

Guaranteed Tuition

Menaul School now offers Guaranteed Tuition. What this means is that your student’s tuition is guaranteed to not increase while your student is in their current division (Middle, Upper). To enroll in the tuition guarantee program, your family will only need to complete the financial application twice during your time at Menaul School, rather than every year.

You can also receive a tuition estimate for siblings who may join Menaul School in the future, so you know what to expect. Simply include the student’s information on the financial application, even if the sibling is not yet eligible to attend Menaul School, to receive your estimate.

Guaranteed tuition applies to all families opting to complete the financial application at Menaul School.

What is Guaranteed Tuition?

Guaranteed Tuition is Menaul School’s commitment to ensure families pay a consistent tuition rate, allowing families to budget for education expenses for the next three or more years. Instead of facing uncertainty each year during re-enrollment time, Guaranteed Tuition allows families more predictability when it comes to tuition.

Does the Guaranteed Tuition rate include fees?

Yes, the net tuition amount you receive includes Registration, Technology, Activities, and lunch.

For how long is the tuition guaranteed?

Tuition is guaranteed by division. This means that families receive their guaranteed tuition for the middle school years, and for upper school years. If a student starts at Menaul School in the 6th grade, their tuition is guaranteed through the end of 8th grade. If a student starts in 8th grade, they will benefit from guaranteed tuition starting in 9th.

Do I need to complete the financial aid application every year?

No, the financial application is completed twice (once when entering Middle School, and once when entering Upper School).

How do I become eligible for Guaranteed Tuition?

All enrolled Domestic Day families who choose to submit the financial application, are eligible. New applicants to Menaul School must first be accepted to the school, and the financial application must be completed and reviewed before receiving a Guaranteed Tuition rate.

*If you do not choose to participate in the Individualized Tuition Program, your full annual tuition will be $18,060.

International Students

Financial Aid is offered to international students based on need. Please submit a request for information to find out more.