For more than a century, Menaul School has welcomed students of all races, cultures, incomes, and ethnicities, and provided them with a foundation for lifelong learning and ethical leadership. To this day, our staff remains true to those values. They ensure the integration of Menaul School’s World Smart vision, where students are immersed in an international community, diversity is celebrated, and a modern, world-class curriculum prepares them for success in college and in life.

President’s Office

Lindsey Gilbert
President and Head of School
M. Ed Education Leadership

Nicole Soriano

Nicole Soriano
Assistant to the Head of School
University Training, Poetry


Troy Williamson
Upper School Head
BBA Accounting, BS Secondary Education

Marian Bock
Assistant to Academics
BA English Literature, Psychology

Emily Dawson
Interim Co-Middle School Director
M Curriculum and Instruction

Laurie Gilbert
Interim Co-Middle School Director
M Gifted and Talented Education


Amy Boldt
Director of Admission and Financial Aid
MA Education

Laura Hille
International Admission Director
MA International Affairs

Kenn Rodriguez
Admission Assistant
BA Communications and Journalism

Institutional Advancement

Melanie Davis
Director of Institutional Advancement
M. Divinity, MBA

Maggie Beck
Advancement Associate
Assoc. Applied Science


Gary Boatman
Athletic Director
BA Social Studies

James Doyle
Middle School Athletic Director
MA Secondary School Administration

Chaplain, College Guidance, Counseling

Takako Terino
MTS Divinity, Certified Spiritual Director

Chris Schifani
College Guidance Counselor
MA Translation

Honor Heindl
M Social Work, conc. Trauma Recovery

Facilities and Security

David Cook
2 Dans, 1 Instructors License, Japanese Martial Arts

David Toledo
Head of Facilities
Cert. of Welding

Julio Vera Gutierrez
Facilities, Dorm Parent
OTJ Training, Roofing, Tiling, Cabinet, Counter Top Installs

Finance and Operations

Nita Looks Twice
Director of Finance and Operations, Human Resources Manager
BBA Accounting

Jennie Lo
Accounting Manager
BBA Accounting

Food Services

Nathan Kunkle
Hospitality Coordinator
Assoc. Culinary, Liberal Arts

Yin Li Wang
BA Education

Kyle Weaver
Assoc. Culinary


Ryan Hanna
IT Director
BA Architecture

Dorm Staff

Julie Webb
Residential Life Coordinator
Bachelor of Science

Sandra Deale
Girl’s Dorm Parent
University Training

Etta Linton
Girl’s Dorm Parent
Assoc. of Fine Arts, Assoc. of Accounting, University Training

Julio Vera Gutierrez
Boy’s Dorm Parent
OTJ Training, Roofing, Tiling, Cabinet, Counter Top Installs

Dan Gayle
Boy’s Dorm Parent
First Class Degree in Sports Coaching