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Meet Kyle Weaver, the leader of our stellar kitchen team at Menaul School. Kyle and his team prepare and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner when school is in session.

Learn a bit about Kyle and see what is for lunch by visiting our Dining and Catering page.

My Story

In my free time I love woodworking and home renovations. I’ve been building custom furniture and cabinets for my house as well as family. I enjoy crafting something for others to enjoy.

My Mentors

My mentors have been anyone who takes the time to guide and instruct those wanting to learn and grow their craft. My father did that as well as the chefs that taught me.

Why Menaul

I’m motivated by helping students with what I can create with my hands. We talk with the students every day and we always have a laugh and find a way to entertain each other.

Menaul School feels like a family and is a great place to work.

– Kyle Weaver

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