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James Doyle

My Story

Currently, I have next to no free time. I teach, coach, and am a parent to a Menaul Junior. She is heavily involved in athletics, so most days are filled with practice, games, and recovery.

In the beginning, teaching was only going to be temporary. After getting into the profession, I became hooked. Coaching was a natural progression, and has at this point in my career become a major portion of my work.

Why Menaul?

After retirement from public education I was looking for private school openings. Menaul seemed a good fit for me.

Menaul is small and personal. Students are treated as individuals and do not fade into the background like they would in larger schools.

Mr. Doyle

My favorite moments are when students show understanding of the concepts that you are trying to teach. I can see the light come on when this happens. I try to use at least four different modalities to teach a concept. We discuss what each modality is trying to teach and how it will help them learn.

James Doyle is a Menaul Middle School Science Teacher, Head Varsity Boys Track and Field Coach, Assistant Varsity Football Coach, and Middle School Athletic Director.

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