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My Story

I have a husband who is the kindest man ever and my favorite person in the universe! I also have two sisters who I love dearly.

I like to workout, hike, and do yoga. I read when I have the time. I also love spending time with friends or binging a great show. Fashion is my life.

I practice yoga and mindfulness as much as possible.

Ms. Thordahl with her mom and sisters

What I Love About Menaul School

“Menaul is in the center of the world! I say this because we serve countries from all of the world and have one of the most diverse and vibrant communities in the state of New Mexico. The students here are unlike any school. They are easily motivated and kind.”

Ms. Thordahl
Bucket hat selfie

I love our students. As an administrator, my favorite part of the day is teaching Shakespeare. The students are truly excited about studying Shakespeare and have arguments about which roles they want to play. It is so fun to see their passion for literature already forming at such a young age.

The students here are truly fun and engaging. They are kind to one another and have a unique way of being truly well-rounded kids. I feel like this could be because they are exposed to such a diverse curriculum. They can play in the band and be the star of the volleyball team. There is no limit for them here!

Menaul has a community unlike anywhere in the Albuquerque community! The history here is vast, and you can feel it when you walk on campus. The alumni are passionate about the school being their home, and this campus feels like home to so many people.

Ms. Thordahl has a Bachelors in English Literature from NMSU, a Masters in Education with a minor in gifted education from NMSU, and her Level II License through NMPED.

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