Menaul School has a rich and relevant history that dates back to the late 19th century.

What started out as a Presbyterian boarding school for Spanish speaking boys has evolved into a co-educational boarding and day school with students and graduates from all across the world.

In exploring Menaul’s history, it is apparent that it ties closely with the history of Northern New Mexico itself. For more information than what is presented below, please contact the Menaul Historical Library, located on campus in Bennett Hall.

Harper Donaldson, former school superintendent (1916-1953) standing in front of Donaldson Hall, dedicated to his service to Menaul School.

Purchased by Reverend James Menaul using funds obtained by the Presbyterian General Assembly, the campus was intended as a Boarding School for Spanish speaking boys. On January 1st, 1896, the school opened with a core of elementary school boarding students of all ages from the Presbyterian Boarding School in Las Vegas, NM.


Menaul School graduated its first class, from 11th grade.

The students pictured in the photo are (bottom row, left to right) James Gonzoles, Timoto Romero, Cosme Garcia, Av. Lucero (top row, left to right) Charles Cordova, Clifford Perea.


Harper C. Donaldson (left) became superintendent. He stayed in this position until 1953. During his 37-year tenure at Menaul School, many young men and women were beneficiaries of an academic, spiritual, and sportsmanship education that led many alumni to illustrious careers in Law, Medicine, the Arts, Science, Government, the Ministry, and entrepreneurship.


The Panther is first used for the athletic logo, and remains the school mascot to this day.


Menaul School graduated its first co-educational class when girls from Allison James School in Santa Fe, NM, grades 10-12, came to Menaul.


Menaul had its first Homecoming celebration and festivities. The first person to hold the title of homecoming queen was Regina “Sandy” Sandoval (pictured).


Menaul School campus was conveyed from the Presbyterian Board of National Missions to an elected Board of Trustees. The first president of the Board is Izar Martinez (pictured).


Longtime football coach, Dave Tomlinson (pictured), was named “Coach of the Year” after the team finishes with an undefeated season.


Lindsey Gilbert (pictured) is named Head of School. Two years into his position, Menaul is accredited for the first time by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest and has kept accreditation to this day.


Menaul School reopened its boarding program after a ten year hiatus. Boarding students are primarily international students. The program helps to sustain Menaul as an internationally focused school.

All information acquired from the Menaul Historical Library. For more information, please call (505) 343-7480.