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My Story

My family is from Jamaica. I am part of the first generation in my family to be born in England from the Windrush movement. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters (I am second to last).

I have a 5 year-old son Camron who loves football (the real football). That is to my dismay, but I have time to convert him to basketball.

On the rare occasion that I have free time, I create content for my web series The Eurostepping. This is a show/podcast that looks at the journey of international student athletes that come to the US to play basketball and their experiences.

I can’t forget to mention my tortoise Shell-Dan, he keeps me busy.

I am an aspiring college coach, so I try to get to coaching clinics and seminars where possible. For my bucket list, I would like to visit China, Skydive, and visit every NBA arena (I have visited 6 so far).

What I Love About Menaul School

Menaul is like a mini university campus. I think the only thing missing is a student union building. There’s more than enough sports to interest the students, there are a wide range of academic classes, the teachers are as hands-on as the students desire. It is a great place to aid the transition from high school to university.

As the Residential Life Coordinator my biggest joy is seeing the students have a great time.

The bonfire for homecoming and the homecoming dance were two amazing nights where students from all over the globe danced and sang in unison. They made memories which will stay with them for a long time. That is what I like the most, to see the students have fun and make lifelong memories.

I also enjoy going to watch basketball games in-person and weightlifting.

The students at Menaul have a real thirst for new experiences, they are interested in trying new things, embracing new challenges and opportunities.

I think that Menaul is a great place for international students. Students who want to venture into the unknown but be supported and welcomed into a community. Menaul allows students to grow and mature socially and academically, while providing a safe and challenging environment.

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